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The hostel is located 3 km outside the town, Thisted, which is a cosy country town with some 13,000 inhabitants.
Here you will find a typical harbour area, an inviting shopping area with pedestrian streets, an interesting museum, and a neighbourhood with old, carefully preserved houses.

Klitmøller beach

Only 13 km away is the beautiful beach at Klitmøller, also known as the beach in Europe which offers the best conditions for surfers – aptly nicknamed “Europe’s Hawaii”.


Vejlerne is a large, unique nature area and bird sanctuary with a very special landscape and, naturally, a rich bird life.

The bunker at Hanstholm

In Hanstholm lies Northern Europe’s largest fortification – an emplacement from WW II. Today, it is converted into a museum which shows the huge gun and how the soldiers lived.

The yellow reef

Daily, angling trips are arranged from Hanstholm to “The yellow reef ” and it is not small fish we catch here!


The Thy region is rich on art galleries (e.g. Kirsten Kjærs Museum), potteries, museums, etc.
There are numerous small fishing hamlets, and many places the fishermen still drag their fishing boats ashore; a special event which attracts a large audience every day.

If you like the natural landscape you will take great pleasure in staying in Thy.
The scenery is unspoiled and vast, and the sky is high.

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