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Trampe path is an experience of nature around the hostel

The tour starts at the hostel and is a 5.3 km. long and marked by yellow arrows on oak poles. Following the shortcut marked with red arrows, the trip can be shortened to 4.2 kilometers.

Dogs on leash are welcome.

Baun Plantation is a very varied plantation that is almost like an island in agricultural land. The plantation is of great importance as habitat for wildlife, especially råvilt and hare. There are also several large complexes of fox and badger digging.

The many paths and green track makes plantation suitable for walking and dog walking. In collaboration with water-Skinnerup Civic Association lists a primitive camping area with shelter, tables / benches and fireplace. The site is open for anyone who wants to spend a night or just a few hours under the open sky. Firewood gathers to itself on the forest floor.