Party and sleep – rent a Danhostel

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On danhostel Thisted, you can hold many different parties, cousin / cousin Celebrations, Family party, Communion or Birthday. We’d love to make offers.

We do not goumetmad, but you will be satisfied and we can do just what you want to eat and the price is the selvøflgelig also reduced in proportion to how much of yourself and how much we need to do.

Favoriten right now is Fisketalerken, Salted Pork with crackling and Seasonal Vegetables, Lemon soufflé or rhubarb compote 160 kr per envelope, half price for children up to 12 years.

Accommodation in room with 4 people in room 100 kr per person with shared bathroom and toilet.

If you want a single or double room with or without – bath, TV and toilet inquire about prices.

Excl. bed and breakfast. Bed linen can be rented for 50 kr incl towel, but you are allowed to even take it along. Breakfast 50 kr, but can also be made in the guest kitchen.


Rent a Hostel and hold a massive party in pleasant surroundings where there is room for up to 60 people, banquet hall, kitchen and lovely outdoor areas for both adults and children, barbecue fireplace, soccer field, playground. We are competitive reseller, if you compare to scout huts, etc.

You can stay two-room, we have mattresses in all rooms, but you can also stay 4 -6 or 8, and the price depends on how many you should be on every room.

We are happy to offer please call: 40 43 19 51st

The prices here are with built-in rebate and are not comparable with book online.